Sam Brown Scholarships Org

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A Texas Football Pioneer

About Sam Brown, Jr

Our scholarship organization is named for S.J. Brown, Jr, who passed away in 2006. He was known for his love for high school and college sport officiating, and the incredible impact that he had on America's favorite game and the great state of Texas.


An Incredible Life-Long Leader

Following his on-field career, he went on to serve as the Executive Secretary of the Houston Football Chapter of the Texas Association of Sports Officials, a post that he held for over 30 years. One of his greatest achievements was the implementation of the integration of high school sport officiating and the development of officiating crews. Sam's life is full of incredible accolades such as the Distinguished Service Award, given by the Greater Houston Football Coaches Association in 1994, and the Curly Hays Officials Award, granted by the Texas High School Coaches Association in 2002. The TASO Football Division has established a Distinguished Service Award for the football division named in his honor.

Supporting Texan High School Athletes

Sam Brown was an early proponent of 7on7 football and how it enhanced sportsmanship, attitude, and teamwork. From its inception, Sam continually promoted and supported the sport. Since then, thousands of high school athletes have participated in the Texas 7on7 program. This has allowed players to develop skills that have earned them scholarships to colleges, and even fame in the NFL.