Sam Brown Scholarships Org

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Providing Opportunities to

Texas Football Athletes (and women trainers)

Awarding Worthy Male and Female Texas Youth with Educational Scholarships

Contribute to the Sam Brown Scholarships Org. and provide students with a chance for the American Dream. We're helping ease the enormous expense of attending college for those students that exemplify outstanding sportsmanship, attitude, teamwork, and the ability to endeavor and persevere. Our scholarships recognize promising men football players and women for whom an academic scholarship might not be probable. With your support, more young Texan men and women will be able to attend college and advance their careers.

Recognizing Physicality and Perseverance

Our men and women awardees are athletes who are nominated by coaches at participating schools, who are then selected by an impartial committee. Recipients who are enrolled in a qualified institution of higher learning are notified of the award, and the funds are sent to the institution to be used for tuition and expenses. Join us in celebrating the physicality and perseverance of Texas' men and women best 7on7 football players.

About 7on7 Football

Open to high school sophomores and juniors, 7on7 football is an innovative way for young men to sharpen their football skills without the potential for injury involved in contact. In 7on7, there is no blocking, holding, chucking, and the defense has no contact. The game is focused on throwing, catching, and running with a center that snaps and cannot go out for a pass. The quarterback has four seconds to throw the ball, and if the time expires the play is over, and it counted as a sack. This format offers unparalleled opportunities for quarterbacks to work with receivers to improve footwork and the decision-making process on the field. Much of this work is thanks to our incredible sponsor, Adidas.

7on7 Football